Fish in Hard Coral

Hard Coral – Photographing Marine Life

If there is one thing I can never stop taking photos of, it’s a healthy hard coral garden. Many people…

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Titan Triggerfish Eating

Triggerfish – Misunderstood Beauty of the Reef

One of the more controversial fish in the ocean is the iconic triggerfish. There are approximately 40 species of triggers…

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Black Water Diving Octopus

Black Water Diving – Pelagic Stage Octopus

Have you ever done a black water dive? What is a black water dive I hear some of you ask?…

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Trevally – Overlooked King of the Reef

  Oftentimes divers travel the world with a checklist of creatures they want to find. These lists consist of weird…

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Shooting Patterns

Shooting Patterns – Improving Underwater Photos

Shooting Patterns with a Macro Lens We all suffer from a lack of artistic inspiration from time to time. This…

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Two Strobes

Two Strobes Are Better Than One – Right?

Two Strobes Are Better Than One Right?  Right? A common question that we often hear in underwater photography circles is:…

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