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As our podcasts are very popular, we decided to expand our horizons by doing online podcasts with a large variety of guests. We film our traditional podcasts  in our studio here in Bali with special guests who are passing through Indonesia. However, with the 2020 shutdown, we are branching out and creating Virtual Online Podcasts instead. What is a virtual online podcast? It’s simple, instead of hosting our guests in studio, we are recording our interviews with them online instead.  Using tools such as Zoom, we are interviewing people from a wide range of ocean professionals. Marine scientists, conservationists, photographers, and industry legends are all joining us on the Underwater Tribe Online Podcasts.

We are producing these Podcast three times per week at present, although they may change. Each episode averages around one hour in length. The archives are available on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcasts. The Facebook and YouTube versions are videos with wonderful photos and films to help illustrate the stories. The Soundcloud and Apple versions are Audio Only and are the perfect accompaniment for car rides and walking the dog. Recent guests include Douglas Seifert, Simon Buxton, William Tan, Jason Isley, and Howard and Michele Hall. We discuss a wide range of topics with all of our guests for a truly fascinating discussion every episode.

Our classic Podcasts are still available on all of these platforms, you can see the line up on our Podcast Page.

Jason Isley – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #009

Jason Isley

On Today’s Live Show we are happy to welcome Jason Isley from Scubazoo. Jason is a world class photographer who works with many magazines and publishers around the world. On this show we chat to Jason about his latest book, Small Blue World. This book is a creative and entertaining look at the issues our marine environment faces with the use of “miniature” models underwater. Join us for an in depth discussion of how Jason came up with the inspiration behind the book and stories of how he got the shots!

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Marc Crane and Alexis Chappuis – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #008

Marc and Alexis

On Today’s Live Show we welcome Marine Biologist Alexis Chappuis and Tek/Rebreather Instructor Marc Crane of Tekdeep Asia.

Alexis and Marc are currently conducting research on marine life in Bali that lives in the 100m and deeper zone. We discuss the training involved and what mysterious creatures they find at 120 metres.

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Simon Buxton – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #007

Simon BuxtonOn today’s Live Show we are happy to have Simon Buxton from NAD Lembeh Resort as our special guest. Simon specializes in Black Water diving in Lembeh and NAD has the most experienced Black Water team in Indonesia. We have a look at some of his images and discuss what Black Water diving is all about.

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Dr Mark Erdmann – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #006

Dr Mark Erdmann Podcast

On today’s Underwater Tribe Liveshow we are happy to host Dr Mark Erdmann, Vice President of Asia Pacific Marine Programs with Conservation International.
Mark joins us to give an update on what effects the current situation can have on marine life in Indonesia and around the world.

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Benjamin Von Wong – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #005

Von Wong

Von Wong is an extremely creative photographer who is passionate about ocean conservation. His multi media campaigns have been seen by an audience of over 100 million worldwide. His creative vision is second to none and his ideas are both effective and artistic. He joins us to discuss his passion for conservation, the ocean, and bringing teams together to achieve a successful campaign.

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Alex Mustard – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #004

Alex Mustard

We are happy to have underwater photographer extraordinaire Alex Mustard Underwater Photography on the show! Alex will join us to discuss strategies when it comes to entering photo competitions as well as insight into the judging process. He also discusses his latest trip to Cuba and the wonderful photo opportunities it provides.

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Paul “Tosh” Tanner – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #003


Paul Tosh Tanner

Paul “Tosh” Tanner is the PADI Asia Pacific Territory Manager. He lives in Bali and has worked throughout the world in a variety of capacities as a diver. We discuss his journey toward his current position as well as the history behind both Luca and Mike. The discussion also entails a little about what the future holds for the diving industry.

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Ben Reymenants – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #002

Ben Reymenants Virtual Online PodcastsBen was one of the first cave diver of the international dive rescue team to arrive on the scene where the Thai school children were trapped in a cave in 2018.

On the show you will have the chance to listen to the story first hand from one of the rescuers on site. We invite you to let us know what questions you may have of Ben.
This rescue mission is one of the most technical operations ever performed. Requiring technical and cave diving expertise as well as physical and mental strength to endure the long standing rescue effort
The story of the rescue features in the new documentary “13 Lost”.


Ben runs the highly regarded technical diving centre Blue Label Diving in Phuket, specializing in CCR and Cave Training.
With close to 10,000 technical and cave dives under his belt, Ben is a highly qualified tech instructor.

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Joe Daniels – UWT Virtual Online Podcast #001

Joe Daniels

Joe Daniels is an award winning underwater photographer from the U.K. He is based in the south of France but regularly travels the world in search of the best underwater photography subjects. He joins us to discuss his winning images and his philosophy behind photography.

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