Custom Bali Dive Safari Trips

Bali Safari Dive Trip LionfishOur main area of expertise is leading Bali Dive Safari Trips for all levels of divers, from beginners to serious underwater photographers.  Our team of professional dive guides are incredible critter spotters and understand the needs of underwater photographers as well as non photographers.  With a patient approach to diving and a mantra of diving at your own pace, we believe in a mature and safe diving philosophy.

With a huge variety of dive sites, Bali has a little something for everyone. Want to drift in a fast channel? We have that! Is muck and macro your dive of choice? Bali has some of the best in the world! Seeking a dose of beautiful hard coral gardens? Bali has incredible hard and soft coral sites located in different areas of the island.  We know all of the top locations, as well as a few secret spots, and we are willing to work with you to come up with the perfect itinerary.  We create our Bali diving trips to suit your needs; from day trips to seven day or longer “dive safaris”.

A trip to Bali is certainly not complete without experiencing the unique culture and landmarks that has made the “Island of the Gods” famous.  As an added benefit of booking your Bali diving trip with us, we offer a variety of different land tour options.  We plan cultural trips concentrating on temples, dances, and historical sites as well as more adventurous additions such as surfing lessons, white water rafting, mountain biking, golfing, and Canyoning. If you are interested in adding more spice to your Bali Safari please let us know and we can offer you many options to make your Bali trip your best holiday yet!

Keep Busy When Passing Through Bali

Bali Safari Dive Trip WaterfallHeading to another location in Indonesia such as Raja Ampat or Komodo?  Why not stay in Bali for a few days and enjoy some great diving or practice your underwater photography with us before heading to your next destination.

Feel free to browse our pre-designed packages listed below to get an idea of what we offer on our Bali Dive Safari Trips.  Don’t see exactly what you are looking for?  Please send us an email with more details about your needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a custom itinerary. We base our itineraries based on what YOU want to experience while in Bali.

Diving Safari Packages in Bali

Check out a few sample packages below as an idea of what we have to offer. However, we are very flexible and willing to create a package that suits your schedule and budget, please contact us for a dedicated quote.

Bali Blast Tulamben – 2 Days / 8 Dives

Bali Blast Tulamben 8 Dives North East Bali Our two night Bali scuba diving safari tour package is perfect for…

Bali Blast Menjangan – 4 Days / 8 Dives

Bali Blast Menjangan  8 Dives Menjangan – North West Bali Our 8 dive Bali scuba diving safari tour package to…

Bali Critter Diver – 6 Days / 14 Dives

Bali Critter Diver 6 Days/14 Dives   Our six day Bali scuba diving safari tour packages explore the best scuba…

Bali Reef Diver – 6 Days / 13 Dives

6 Days and 13 Dives – Bali Reef Diver We design our six night Bali scuba diving safari tour packages…

Bali Reef Safari Special – 8 Nights / 19 Dives

Bali Reef Safari Special 8 Days / 19 Dives Even with a month of time, it would be hard to…

Bali Critter Safari Special – 8 Days / 19 Dives

Bali Critter Safari – 8 Days/19 Dives Even with a month of time, it would be hard to dive all…

Bali Family Scuba Diving Packages

 Bali Family Scuba Diving Packages Interested in a family scuba diving trip to Bali?  The Underwater Tribe offers the perfect…

Upcoming Diving Trips

Underwater Tribe group trips are always led by either Mike Veitch or Luca Vaime and sometimes both of us!