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Daily Photo Blue Ring Octopus

Daily Photo Blue Ring Octopus – POTD

Daily Photo Blue Ring Octopus The blue ring octopus enjoys a certain level of chutzpah compared to others. Tales of…

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Daily Photo Mating Cuttlefish

Daily Photo Cuttlefish Mating – POTD

Daily Photo Cuttlefish Mating Cephalopods are some of the most intelligent and interesting animals in the world. Octopus, squid, and…

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Anemonefish Eggs

Daily Photo Clownfish Eggs – POTD

Daily Photo Clownfish Eggs Clownfish are one of the most well known fish among divers and non-divers alike. These bright…

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Daily Photo Reptilian Snake Eel – POTD

Daily Photo Reptilian Snake Eel At first glance this may seem like a brightly colored rock, a very red rock.…

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Daily Photo Hard Corals

Daily Photo Hard Corals – POTD

Daily Photo Hard Corals – Healthy Coral Garden Hard corals are an underrated attraction in tropical seas. Although it’s the…

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Daily Photo Puffer Fish

Daily Photo Puffer Fish – POTD

Daily Photo Puffer Fish – Fish in a Shoe For those who enjoy “muck diving”, they usually know what to…

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