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Man in Rice Field

Bali Covid 19 Update

  The Bali Covid 19 situation is one that is constantly in flux, much like every other part of the…

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Pygmy Seahorse Nalu

New Pygmy Seahorse – South Africa

New Pygmy Seahorse – Hippocampus nalu Some very exciting news in the wire this week, a new species of pygmy…

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Tongue Louse

Tongue Eating Louse – Photo of the Day

Tongue Eating Louse – Photo of the Day What is the most disgusting thing you can think of? Maybe it’s…

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Randall's Goby

Randall Snapping Shrimp – Goby Pair

Randall’s Snapping Shrimp – Goby Pair Our photo of the day is the Black Rayed Shrimp Goby along with the…

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Moray Eel Cleaning Station

Cleaning Stations – Keeping Clean Underwater

  Cleaning stations, you have probably heard the term but perhaps you weren’t sure what it means? Have you ever…

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Two Strobes

Two Strobes Are Better Than One – Right?

Two Strobes Are Better Than One Right?  Right? A common question that we often hear in underwater photography circles is:…

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