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Bali Diving

Bali Diving Opening – Refreshing Knowledge

Is Bali diving opening soon? This is a common question that we regularly receive. It’s been almost two years since…

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Nudibranch Komodo

Nudibranchs – More Than Colourful Slugs!

Are you a nudibranch enthusiast? Do you love them so much you ignore everything around you when you spot a…

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Yellow Goby in Bottle

Gobies – Charismatic Reef Characters

Do you know which family of fish has more species than any other? Would you believe it’s the quiet and…

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Mangroves in Raja Ampat

Mangroves – Overlooked Diving Oasis

Mangroves are not often on the top of destination lists for scuba divers. They tend to suffer from a negative…

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Fish in Hard Coral

Hard Coral – Photographing Marine Life

If there is one thing I can never stop taking photos of, it’s a healthy hard coral garden. Many people…

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Clark's Anemonefish

Clownfish – More Than Nemo

Charismatic Clownfish Everyone loves a clownfish. Long known to almost everyone, clownfish received a huge boost in popularity after the…

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