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Batu Niti

Batu Niti – Bali Dive Site Spotlight

Batu Niti – Bali Dive Site Spotlight Diving in Bali is a many faceted attraction, many readers are probably asking…

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Shallow Depth of Field

Discussing Limited Depth of Field Photography

Discussing Limited Depth of Field: Our Latest Photo Tutorial We are active again on the photo tutorial side of things. …

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Long Armed Octopus

Long Arm Octopus – Creature Feature

The Long Arm Octopus The long arm octopus is one of a handful of beautiful octopus that inhabit sandy areas…

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Sarah Lewis Podcast

Sarah Lewis Underwater Tribe Podcast #014

Sarah Lewis Special Guest on the Underwater Tribe Podcast #014 After a short delay due to a very busy season,…

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Bali Photos

Bali Photos – Recap of Bali Photo Fun Week 2019

Bali Photos – Recap of the Bali Photo Fun Week 2019   We recently finished up our 7th Annual NAD…

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Diver in the Liberty Wreck Tulamben

Tulamben Diving – Diving Around Bali

Tulamben Diving – North East Bali Tulamben is one of the most famous diving areas in Bali. The diving industry…

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