Insurance Policy

Our Insurance Policy – At the Underwater Tribe we take safety very seriously. When visiting out of the way places, it’s important that guests carry both Diving Insurance and Medical Travel Insurance.

DAN Insurance is the best coverage for divers, they are recognized worldwide and are very efficient with helping their members get the best care possible for Diving accidents.  However, the basic DAN membership only offers Diving Accident related health coverage.  It does not offer coverage for accidents or illness outside of diving activities.  Therefore, we recommend that all of our guests purchase the optional DAN Travel Insurance  (in the USA and Canada) when becoming a member of DAN or before a trip.  DAN Insurance Policies for USA and Canada

For those living outside of the US and Canada, the DAN coverage differs from location to location.  For example, DAN Asia Pacific offers emergency medical coverage for accidents outside of diving for up to $10,000 but only with the Preferred Plus plan.  In Australia, there is no accident emergency coverage available other than for diving accidents.  Before visiting Indonesia check your insurance policy to make sure you’re covered for diving and non-diving accidents or illness.

Here is a link to all of the DAN offices worldwide, you need to become a DAN member and purchase insurance from your country of permanent residence:  DAN Offices Worldwide

If you are looking for a Travel Insurance company that offers a broad range of coverage and is available worldwide, World Nomads Travel Insurance, and especially their “Total Explorer” option is one of the more comprehensive Travel Insurance options out there including Emergency Medical Coverage.

Do you already have Travel Insurance but want to add a DAN Diving Accident option on top of it?


The minimum Diving Insurance coverage that we require at the Underwater Tribe is the DAN Short Term Insurance Policy.  This is the policy for divers who don’t want full year coverage or an annual membership with DAN.   Sign up for Short Term Insurance of 1 to 30 days and DAN will cover you for diving related accidents.  However, this insurance policy is ONLY for in water diving accidents. It does not cover items such as illness or accidents such as car accidents or slipping on a wet sidewalk.

We recommend that all divers have proper medical travel insurance on top of their DAN coverage. We can sign you up for Short Term Insurance when you arrive in Bali or before your trip starts.  Your coverage starts as soon as the payment goes through.  There are no restrictions based on age, depth, equipment or gas mixture.  We can pay the insurance for you and add it to your invoice or provide us with your Credit Card information to pay directly to DAN.

Australia DAN Emergency Services Hotline: + 61 8 8212 9242

USA DAN Emergency Services: +1-919-684-9111

DAN Europe Emergency Services: +1-919-684-9111

Also see our Booking and Cancellation Policy for more information