Liveaboard Trips

We have been diving in Indonesia for over 15 years and have explored the archipelago on numerous liveaboard trips. Using the knowledge we have gained from our time on liveaboards, we plan our liveaboard schedule at the right time. Our trips to each location are planned at the time of year with the best conditions in mind. Our trips are led by the Underwater Tribe crew in order to add knowledge and a friendly atmosphere on the trip. We work with the crew to tweak the itinerary so that we dive the best sites during the best conditions.

During our liveaboard trips, we don’t offer full photo workshops but we do offer tips and tricks on underwater photography.   Each day we do photo presentations and of course answer all questions about diving, photography, and Indonesia! We offer regular trips to top destinations such as Komodo National Park, Raja Ampat, and other stunning destinations throughout Indonesia.  Check our schedule and join us on one of our trips, we promise great diving and lots of fun!

Private Cruises

If you are interested in your own Private liveaboard cruise please contact us directly.  We know many liveaboard operators in Indonesia and have been on many of the boats. We will advise you on what boats are available and book everything you need for the perfect trip.  Another service we offer is booking domestic flights, we take care of everything so you only need to discuss your trip with us.  Having everything done by one operator makes life much easier when planning your dream trip.

Liveaboard Trips with the Underwater Tribe

Check below for more information about all of our upcoming liveaboard trips.

Liveaboard Trips in Indonesia

Book Your Liveaboard Trips Although we do offer several escorted liveaboard trips throughout the year in Indonesia, the schedules of…

Upcoming Diving Trips

Underwater Tribe group trips are always led by either Mike Veitch or Luca Vaime and sometimes both of us!