Custom Bali Photo Dive Trips

Interested in spending a whole week or more diving around Bali while learning about photography and capturing amazing images? We offer customized Bali Photo Dive trips (aka Bali Dive Safaris) where you will be joined by one of our photo instructors as well as a top-notch dive guide who specializes in critters.


The first 3 days of this incredible Bali Photo Dive Trip will be filled with theory and one on one dive support with the instructor, learning all you need to know about photography including information from the basics up to our advanced curriculum.  Each day with the instructor will include discussing theory about new techniques as well as one to one critiquing of images at the end of each day.  Once the theory part of the Bali Photo Dive Trip is finished, it’s time to put all that new found knowledge to the test.  The last few days will be spent putting the theory into action while visiting a variety of top dive sites around Bali with your own critter specialist dive guide who will work with you to help you get the most from your photography.

Our dive guides are highly experienced working with underwater photographers and know all of the critters that are sought after by serious photographers. Our guides know how to aim snoots, provide backlighting, and of course find all the cool critters that make a Bali Photo Dive Trip a very special way to experience diving in Bali.  With a personal dive guide at your service, it’s easy to plan the dives around your schedule and this is the perfect time to add early morning or night dives.

This package is perfect for couples and small groups who are looking for a top-notch photographic trip to Bali.

For more details and availability please contact us directly as the itinerary and desired standard of accommodation will affect the pricing.

Please contact us for more information about our partner resorts and package pricing.