Black Water Diving Octopus

Black Water Diving – Pelagic Stage Octopus

Have you ever done a black water dive? What is a black water dive I hear some of you ask?…

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Do You Know

Do You Know This Location?

We love a good challenge here at the Underwater Tribe. We often post a “Photo of the Day” or a…

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Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon – Daily Photo 2 February 2020

Komodo Dragon – Daily Photo 2 February 2020 The Komodo Dragon truly is a majestic animal. Many people think they…

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Batfish – Friendliest Fish in the Sea

The Batfish – Clowns of the Sea Have you ever wondered to yourself “What is the friendliest fish in the…

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Green Turtles – Creature Feature

The Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas, can truly be described as an ancient mariner of the seas. These large sea turtles…

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Trevally – Overlooked King of the Reef

  Oftentimes divers travel the world with a checklist of creatures they want to find. These lists consist of weird…

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