Daily Photo Soft Corals – POTD

March 9th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Soft Corals Fish – The Near and Far

One of the most interesting compositional tools in photography is utilizing a near and far subject together. Mainly the close subject is in focus while the far subject can be either in or out of focus. The photographer can change the depth of the focus using the f-stop on the lens. This technique is a great way to highlight two subjects at one time. It’s also a great way to fill the negative space in the background when the main subject isn’t big enough to fill the frame. My favourite way to use this technique is when I see a far subject that I know I won’t be able to approach closely. I then seek out an interesting foreground subject that will enhance the subject behind. That is exactly what happened in this photograph, I couldn’t get close enough to the schooling fish so I found beautiful soft coral to enhance the fish. Think about this technique the next time you are shooting wide angle underwater.

Daily Photo Soft Corals Fish

Daily Photo Soft Corals Fish – Shot in Misool, Raja Ampat. If you would like to learn more underwater photography techniques, why not join our Photo Workshop at NAD Lembeh in July 2022.