Daily Photo Magic Water Reflections – POTD

February 25th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Magic Water Reflections

Water is one of the most amazing substances on the planet. We all know that water is needed for life but it’s so much more. One entirely overlooked aspect of water is its artistic qualities. Underwater photographers tend to only think about water as the element to dive in or keeping it out of the housing. One should instead think about how water can create stunning compositions. The best “water” for this is during a windless day. Flat calm conditions always create interesting reflections on the surface. This photograph is a simple composition of the shallow bottom of sand and coral reflecting on the surface. The different colours reflecting arise from the different colours on the bottom and the perfect blue of the sky. Simple, yet tasteful.

Daily Photo Magic Water

Daily Photo Magic Water Reflections – shot in one metre of water over a sandy bottom with coral patches. If you would like to learn more about underwater photography why not join us in Lembeh in July 2022. NAD Lembeh Resort is our preferred choice in North Sulawesi to host our underwater photography workshops.