Yellow Goby in Bottle

Gobies – Charismatic Reef Characters

Do you know which family of fish has more species than any other? Would you believe it’s the quiet and…

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Clark's Anemonefish

Clownfish – More Than Nemo

Charismatic Clownfish Everyone loves a clownfish. Long known to almost everyone, clownfish received a huge boost in popularity after the…

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Green Turtles – Creature Feature

The Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas, can truly be described as an ancient mariner of the seas. These large sea turtles…

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Trevally – Overlooked King of the Reef

  Oftentimes divers travel the world with a checklist of creatures they want to find. These lists consist of weird…

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Trumpet Fish

Trumpet Fish Story Behind the Shot

The Trumpet Fish – Story Behind the Shot Everyone remembers their cover photos. This is one of my earliest cover…

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Shortfin Lionfish

Shortfin Lionfish – Photo of the Day

Shortfin Lionfish with Lightning Bolts! Lionfish have a bad reputation in certain parts of the world. In the case of…

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