Daily Photo Coleman Shrimp – POTD

February 1st, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Coleman Shrimp – Urchin Allstars

One of the more common sights in the marine ecosystem is the humble urchin. Urchin come in a variety of shapes and colours. The most common is likely the long spiked black urchin. Ask many a beach goer and they know how painful stepping on one of these can be. A lesser known urchin is the fire urchin. The fire urchin is unique as it not only packs a painful punch, it’s also beautiful. The rich red and purple colours of this urchin hide one of the coolest looking creatures in the sea. The Coleman shrimp is a fingernail sized shrimp that lives exclusively in these urchins. A true favourite of underwater photographers, these beautiful crustaceans are only found in the Indo Pacific area.

Daily Photo Coleman Shrimp

Daily Photo Coleman Shrimp – one of the best places to find these beautiful shrimp is in the Lembeh Strait. We are running a photo workshop at NAD Lembeh Resort in July 2022, please contact us if you would like to photograph these charismatic creatures.