Underwater Tribe Live Stream Shows

April 14th, 2020 • uwt

Underwater Tribe Live Stream Shows

Live Stream

Introducing the Underwater Tribe Live Stream show.  This is a variety show that we are running every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  What is a LiveStream you may ask? You can consider it something like a radio show in video format and broadcast on both our YouTube and Facebook channels.  On our shows we are discussing a variety of topics such as underwater photography, diving news, and conservation stories. As an added bonus we are interviewing special guests each week and sharing these on the show.

Is the Live Stream Interactive?

Yes, we ask questions on our Facebook page daily which we will link to the show. We also have a live chat feature enabled on both YouTube and Facebook where you can ask us questions in real time. This is a great way for the audience to ask us questions directly or also to our guests.  Speaking of guests, we have a wonderful line up of shows each week. So far on the show we have had Joe Daniels, Ben Reymenants, and Paul “Tosh” Tanner.  Joe is an award winning underwater photographer, Tosh is the PADI Territory Director for Asia Pacific, and Ben is one of the cave divers who rescued the 13 Thai kids who were lost in a cave in 2018.  This week we are happy to host underwater photographer Alex Mustard.

When Do The Shows Air?

The shows air on Monday and Friday at 10:30am Bali time, this is 7 hours ahead of London time or 12 hours ahead of New York. On Wednesdays we air the show at 1700 Bali time.  If you miss the live show you can always catch the repeat on both Facebook and YouTube.  Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you will always be notified when a new video is released.  Do you have an idea for an episode or someone you would like to see on the show? Drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss it.