Private Bali Diving Tours – 2021

December 19th, 2020 • uwt

With our world ever changing on a seemingly daily basis, there are certain things that always stand the test of time. In the travel industry, one of those things is good personal service. At the Underwater Tribe one of our founding principles was to always offer personalized service. This service is at the base of everything we do: from our email communication to our guides accompanying our guests. Service truly is at the heart of the Underwater Tribe.

Private Bali Diving Trips


Private Bali Diving Tours

One of the key tenets that we decided upon when starting our company was to offer personal diving adventures in Bali. As very experienced divers, we understand that not everyone dives the same. We built the idea of our “Private Bali Dive Tours” around the idea that our guests would prefer a private experience. Although everyone loves a social experience with new people, this doesn’t necessarily hold on a diving trip. Divers tend to have certain expectations and goals for their dives, this hold even more for underwater photographers. And of course the best way to attain your diving goals is to dive with a personal guide. This is what the Underwater Tribe offers, we don’t pair up our guests with others. We are proud of our “dive your way” philosophy that allows our divers the freedom to choose time schedules and sites with our input. Our private Bali diving tours are tailor made to match our guests diving interests.

Private TripsLittle did we know though, that our private Bali diving tours philosophy would lead the new industry standards for 2021. One of the key requirements that travelers are looking for are private tours to reduce the number of people they come into contact with. Who knew that we would become such an industry leader! 🙂 For many companies this will lead to changes in how their businesses are run. For the Underwater Tribe though, this is something we have prided ourselves on since our inception. We always offer our guests a private guide and private vehicle for their trips in Bali. This starts from pickup at the airport and continues throughout their visit.

When Will Indonesia Open?

One thing we don’t know yet is when normal tourism will resume in Indonesia. Tourist visas are still not available and no dates have been announced for their resumption. With all of the positive news in the world at the moment with vaccinations though, we sure hope this changes soon. Of course we will be ready when the country does open. With our long experience offering private Bali diving tours we will be up and running in no time. There will obviously be a few small changes as well such as higher hygienic standards, but our personal service will remain the same!

Liberty Wreck Private DivingAlthough we can’t offer packages at this point in time, do reach out with your future plans. We are  always happy to discuss future trips with our guests and answering questions. Let us know if you would like more information about our private Bali diving trips by sending us an email. If you would like to know more about what diving in Bali has to offer please have a look at our Bali Diving page.