Online Learning – Underwater Photography Coaching

April 2nd, 2020 • uwt

Online Learning – Underwater Photography Coaching

Underwater Photography Coaching

Are you new to underwater photography? Would you like to improve your skills during time at home? We now offer Online Learning – Underwater Photography Coaching.  Our Introductory Underwater Photography tutorial sessions are the perfect way to start your journey on this addicting hobby.

How Do I Sign Up for Underwater Photography Coaching?

We are making it easy to sign up and start your personal lessons. We are now available on Zoom, Skype, and Whatsapp  All of these platforms allow for video calls to allow us to coach you one to one.  Zoom and Whatsapp are free and easy to use and are our platforms of choice. However, if you have another App that you prefer we can also consider it.  Simply send us an email on our Contact Page or ping us on Whatsapp and we can set up a meeting.

Underwater Photography CoachingHow Does It Work?

Our online learning system is easy! We are here to offer coaching on any subject that you need help with. Our main target are those who are new to underwater photography and want to start the right way. We are offering a variety of topics such as composition and strobe techniques.  As these are “one to one” sessions, everything is customized to your needs.  We also offer sessions to discuss photos you have taken in the past to help you improve your existing techniques.


Fees and Payment – Underwater Photography Coaching

All of our coaching sessions are one hour “one to one” video chats.  To make it easy, every session is priced at the same amount of $30 USD. For those who would like to continue theory sessions, we offer discounts for multiple sessions.

Single sessions = 480,000 IDR per hour ($30 USD)

Prepay for 3 sessions and receive a 5% discount = 1,360,000 IDR ($85 USD)

Prepay for 5 sessions = 2,000,000 IDR ($125 USD)

Make payments using our secure online credit card system (Visa, Mastercard, or JCB only, Amex is not available). Payment transactions are in Indonesian Rupiah currency.

Please have a look at our Online Underwater Photography page for more information about topics available. Don’t see what you are interested in? Let us know via email and we will customize our conversation to your needs.

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