Daily Photo White-Eye Morays – POTD

January 20th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo White-Eye Morays – The Puppies of the Sea

When polled about the scariest underwater creatures, many folks may list moray eels high on their list. However, the people who say that most likely have never met a white-eyed moray! White-eyes are one of the smaller species of moray and rarely reach more than 60cm in length. They typically inhabit a hole on sandy or rocky reefs and may often be found in groups. These inquisitive eels are shy at first but after a few moments they love to sniff any new objects in their personal space. In this photo, the lead moray is reaching out to inspect the dome port of the camera.

Daily Photo White-Eye Morays

Daily Photo White-Eye Morays – Shot at Air Manis dive site, Ambon Harbour, Indonesia. Dive at this amazing dive site in October 2022 with us, please check out our liveaboard trip on the Samambaia liveaboard.