Daily Photo Puffer Fish – POTD

January 12th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Puffer Fish – Fish in a Shoe

For those who enjoy “muck diving”, they usually know what to expect when it comes to diving in the muck. However, for those new to the this style of diving a site such as a bottle or bag lying on the bottom is not uncommon. Fish however are industrious animals and can take advantage of refuse to find shelter. This small pufferfish in a shoe is the perfect example of the wild and wacky things you can encounter on a muck dive. This photograph is an example of close focus wide angle photography, want to learn more? Join us in Lembeh in 2022.

Daily Photo Puffer Fish

Daily Photo Puffer Fish – Shot in Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Interested in diving in the Lembeh Strait? Why not stay with the top resort in Lembeh with a 1 guide to 2 divers ratio, NAD Lembeh Resort.