Daily Photo Misool Aerial – POTD

February 22nd, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Misool Aerial – Images from the Sky

Drones have made it easy to create a stunning form of photography that was previously difficult to obtain. What was once only achievable by chartering a helicopter is now available to anyone. One amazing place to capture aerial images is Raja Ampat in West Papua. The Misool region in particular is full of amazing lagoons and reefs of amazing coral. Viewed from above, these beautiful lagoons are a wonder to behold and offer a great way to find possible new dive sites. This particular lagoon is hidden away from most eyes and offers the perfect conditions for a paddle. Exploring these remote areas by kayak is truly one of the most amazing experience one can have in Raja Ampat.

Daily Photo Misool Aerial

Daily Photo Misool Aerial – Shot in the Misool region of West Papua province, Indonesia. If you would like to explore this region, please join us on our 2022 trip from Ambon to Sorong on the Samambaia liveaboard.