Daily Photo Archer Fish – POTD

January 28th, 2022 • uwt

Daily Photo Archer Fish in the Mangroves

Archer fish are some of the most bizarre looking fish in the ocean. They boast a very flat top which allows them to swim at the surface without their back arching out. This flat top is a key attribute to these fish as they have a very unique skill set. Archer fish live in mangrove areas and use this skill to hunt flying insects! You read that right, these fish lay in wait under trees waiting for bees or flies to land on a nearby branch. Their skill is the ability to shoot a tight stream of water onto the tree and knock off the unsuspecting prey. This is the reason they are called “archer fish” as they shoot the water like and archer would shoot an arrow.

Daily Photo Archer Fish

Daily Photo Archer Fish – Shot in the wonderful blue water mangroves of Yangeffo Island in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. If you would like to visit this amazing area please join us on the Samambaia Liveaboard in November 2022.