Giant Frogfish

Frogfish – Creature Feature

There is truth behind the idea that something can be so ugly it’s cute. One animal that certainly fits this…

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Bobbit Worm Jaws

Bobbitt Worm – Creature Feature

Bobbitt Worm Bobbitt worms, Eunice aphroditois, are notorious among divers who have visited the Indo Pacific region. You may be…

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Octopus in Coconut Shell

Coconut Octopus – Master of Disguise

Have you heard of the coconut octopus? This incredible creature, also known as the veined octopus, is a species of…

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Relaxing Octopus

Relaxing Octopus Video Indonesia

There is nothing quite like encountering an octopus. These eight legged wonders are the most intelligent of invertebrates. Indonesia is…

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christmas tree

Christmas Tree Worms – Holiday Season!

It’s holiday season once again for many of you. That often means breaking out the christmas tree from the attic…

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Grey Reef Shark

Grey Reef Sharks –

Everyone loves to encounter a shark. Well, lets bring that into context a little bit. Every scuba diver loves encountering…

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