Bobbitt Worm – Creature Feature

March 23rd, 2023 • uwt

Bobbitt Worm

Bobbitt worms, Eunice aphroditois, are notorious among divers who have visited the Indo Pacific region. You may be thinking “Why is a worm notorious?” Well, this one can reach a length of up to 10 feet long and possesses two sets of jaws that can cut its prey in half. These predatory worms are a real life miniature version of the giant worms from the movies “Tremors” or “Dune.”

Bobbitt Worm Jaws

Although a 10 foot long worm sounds scary, they are only a threat to marine life and not humans. They are only a few centimeters wide but do have an impressive set of jaws. However, they are on the short list of ultimate predators. Typically only found at night, they lay in wait with their jaws on the surface of the sand. When a hapless fish happens to swim over, “bam!” the bobbitt worm strikes.

Where to Dive with Them?

It was this behavior and the effectiveness of their jaws that led to the common name “Bobbitt”. The bobbitt was originally described in the 1990s, not long after the infamous John and Lorena Bobbitt incident. If you aren’t aware of this incident then it’s certainly an interesting read! It shouldn’t be difficult to make the connection in the name when understanding that the worms can cut their prey in half with their strong jaws. They are found throughout the worlds oceans, typically in shallow sandy slopes.

In Indonesia, we find them throughout the country: Bali, Komodo, and the Lembeh Strait are some of the most popular spots to find them. Divers can spot them during night dives as these nocturnal animals remain under the sand during the day. During the night lucky divers can watch a bobbitt worm as it patiently awaits a meal. Hapless fish may wander too close to the worm and in a sudden cloud of sand and fish scales, the worm has grabbed the fish and dragged it into its hole, below the surface. It may surprise witnesses just how large of a fish that the bobbitt will attack.

Bali and the Bobbitt Worm

Bobbitt Worm Shiny
In Bali, the best place to encounter one of these fascinating creatures is in Secret Bay. Secret Bay is a shallow site on the north west of the island famed for its black sand and weird creatures. Diving here at night is an easy affair as its simply a short walk into the water. Once spotted, it’s well worth watching a worm for some time. They often slowly work their way out of their hole to explore the area. This is when you can see the beautiful luminescent sheen of its body. For such a deadly animal, it has an odd beauty to it. If you would like to spot a bobbitt worm then please Contact Us today to set up a personalized Dive Safari around the island of Bali with our incredible dive team.