lembeh behind the scenes

Lembeh Photo Week Behind the Scenes

Lembeh Behind the Scenes One of the best things about our Photo Workshops is not the learning or the diving but ...

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Nautilus GPS

Nautilus GPS Marine Rescue Units

We just took possession of 4 brand new Nautilus GPS units, these small emergency beacons are great for scuba divers.  ...

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Lembeh Photo Week 2017 Pool

Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Week 2017

Another Underwater Tribe/Underwater Lightroom/NAD Lembeh Lembeh Photo Week has come to an end. Once again we hosted a fantastic group ...

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Shallow Tatawa Kecil

Photo of the Day – Tatawa Kecil Coral Reef Komodo

Tatawa Kecil Shallow Reef - We have recently returned from a trip to the Komodo National Park aboard the Dive ...

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Snake Eel

Photo of the Day – Snake Eel Portrait

Photo of the Day - Snake Eel Portrait The snake eel is commonly found in sandy environments in the Indo Pacific ...

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Get Your PADI & Win

Enter PADI & Win Contest

Want to win a free trip to Bali?  PADI is offering a great contest called "Get Your PADI & Win" ...

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