Whale Shark

Whale Shark – Photo of the Day

Whale Shark - Photo of the Day 15 Feb 2018 A whale shark encounter is high on the list of every ...

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Agung Volcano Update

Agung Volcano Lowered: Now Status 3

Agung Volcano Now at Level III It's been a while since we have written any updates about Agung Volcano.  The reason ...

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Flasher Wrasse Macro Raja Ampat

5 Essential Macro Subjects – Raja Ampat

5 Macro Subjects to Shoot in Raja Ampat Raja Ampat is world famous as a top notch wide angle underwater photography ...

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Melasti Cover Nudi

Bali Scuba Diving Sites – Melasti

Melasti - Black Sand Diving in Seraya Melasti is a site that many people have dived but may not know the ...

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Spinner Dolphins Riding Bow Wave

Spinners Dolphins Photo of the Day Dolphins are always a wonderful encounter on a boat.  Spinners are found in the waters ...

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Sea Apple in Komodo National Park

Sea Apple – Story Behind the Shot

Komodo Sea Apple - Photo of the Day The Komodo sea apple, Pseudocolochirus violaceus, is a beautifully coloured sea cucumber.  This ...

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