Mark Erdmann Podcast

Mark Erdmann – Underwater Tribe Podcast

The Underwater Tribe Podcast #011 with Dr Mark Erdmann After a short break during our busy season in Bali, we…

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Whaleshark Indonesia Big Animals

Indonesia – Whaleshark Hotspot!

Indonesia – Whaleshark Hotspot Whalesharks are one of the most sought after big animal encounters in the world.  There are…

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Lombok Earthquake Update

Lombok Earthquake Update By the Underwater Tribe We would like to update all of our friends out there with a…

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Ethan Daniels Podcast

Diving Adventure Podcast – Ethan Daniels

UWT Diving Adventure Podacast #009 with Ethan Daniels Ethan Daniels is a well known underwater photographer and adventure travel guide. …

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Bali Sunfish Podcast

UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #008 – Bali Sunfish

Underwater Tribe Diving and Adventure Podcast #008 Bali Sunfish: Marianne and Jenny This week on the Underwater Tribe podcast we…

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Manta Rays Feeding Mouth

Manta Rays – Graceful Gentle Giants

Manta Rays – Gentle Giants of the Deep Manta Rays of Indonesia We all love manta rays.  Scuba divers from…

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