Manta Rays Feeding Mouth

Manta Rays – Graceful Gentle Giants

Manta Rays - Gentle Giants of the Deep Manta Rays of Indonesia We all love manta rays.  Scuba divers from all over ...

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Underwater Tribe Instagram Account

The Underwater Tribe Instagram Account   Are you an Instagram addict? This popular photo sharing site, also known as IG, is one ...

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Blue Ribbon Eel Background Separation

Blue Ribbon Eel Limited Depth of Field The blue ribbon eel is a fairly common inhabitant of reefs in the Indo ...

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UWT Podcast #006 Garry Bevan

 Garry Bevan on the UWT Podcast! The UWT Podcast #006 with Garry Bevan is now available on YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes. ...

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Christian Podcast

Latest Underwater Tribe Podcast Update

Underwater Tribe Podcast Update It has been a very busy few weeks with the Underwater Tribe!  We have been out and ...

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Ogoh Ogoh Night

Ogoh Ogoh Night Nyepi March 2018

Ogoh Ogoh Night March 2018 Sanur, Bali The 17th of March was Nyepi here in Bali, a day of silence and reflection ...

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