Wayag Paddle Boarding – Story Behind the Shot

December 8th, 2017 • uwt

Wayag Paddle Boarding

Wayag Drone Paddle Boarding


Are you into beautiful scenery while paddle boarding? There is possibly no better location in the world to paddle board than Raja Ampat.  Areas such as Pef and Wayil offer incredible scenery, but Wayag is the best location of all.  Located at the far northern end of Raja Ampat, Wayag is a series of small islands enclosing a large lagoon.  The lagoon is a calm and serene setting with no currents on the inside.  With a variety of beautiful white sand beaches spread throughout, Wayag is the perfect place to explore.

Wayag offers more than paddle boarding or kayaking, there are plenty of great dive sites as well.  For adventurous folks, two climbs are accessible but they do take a certain level of fitness. These climbs lead to incredible panoramic views with amazing photographic opportunities.  If a little action is required, then flat water offers a great opportunity for wake boarding.

Wayag By Drone

With the popularity of drones taking over the world of photography, it’s opening up a whole new way of viewing Wayag.  The shallow corals of the lagoon offer great contrast with the brilliant blue water.  Many of the hidden bays in the lagoon have small sandy beaches to visit and a paddle board is the best way to explore this serene environment.

This photograph was taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone in the late afternoon with the sun going down.  One of the keys to making the reef stand out on an aerial photo is to have the sun behind your back.

If you are interested in learning more about the underwater life in Raja Ampat, have a look at our Raja Ampat video from March 2017.  Are you more of a reader instead? Here is our summary of the trip as well: Raja Ampat 2017