Visiting a Remote Village with a Drone

November 9th, 2017 • uwt

Drone Flying in a Remote Village

Drone in VillageOne of the best things about Indonesia is the ability to get far away from the city and visit people on remote islands.  The best thing is visiting islands and villages where not a lot of foreign visitors show up.  Sometimes the people are a little shy and reserved when a group of foreigners show up at the doorstep, but other times the kids of the village can go a little nuts!  On a recent trip to a village on the NW coast of Ceram, we visited a small village which proved to be a great experience.  The people were warm and welcoming, discussing their lives and answering all sorts of questions about their day to day activities.  What was even more interesting were the dozens of kids who followed our every step and made us feel like rock stars.

The kids were very excited when it came time to pull out the drone, they had never seen one before and pressed in upon me while I was trying to set it up.  Once I safely launched the drone, the kids all came streaming back to see the screen and see what the drone could see.  This also was the perfect time to get a group shot of the kids.  Check it out below.