Showreel Indonesia 2019

July 5th, 2020 • uwt

Travel to Indonesia and explore this incredible archipelago! It’s one of the most enriching experience you can have. The high mountains, picturesque volcanoes, and warm seas will fill your eyes with beauty. The friendly people with their unique culture will warm your heart. Indonesia offers a variety of natural beauty and incredible cultures that very few countries can match.
This film showcases some of our most rewarding work from 2019. Most of this showreel is filmed in the Nusa Tenggara region of Indonesia on the islands of Alor, Komodo, Flores, and Bali. 2019 was an incredible journey that took us to some of the most fascinating cultures Indonesia has to offer. We also enjoyed amazing encounters with the beautiful natural beauty and rich marine life on offer.
Manta, Speed boat, Reef and Samata Luxury Liveaboard filmed in Komodo Island.
With this short film we would like to thank all that people that have supported and collaborated with us in 2019.
The aerial footage is filmed with a DJI Mavic Air while the footage on land and underwater is filmed with a RED Gemini 5K Cinema Camera in a Nauticam Housing.