UWT Podcast: Rich Horner Plastic Pollution

March 16th, 2018 • uwt

Underwater Tribe Podcast #2 Rich Horner

We have launched our second Underwater Tribe podcast.  This week we feature Rich Horner, the man who filmed the viral video of floating plastic at Manta Point in Bali.  We discuss the circumstances behind the film and the effects that it’s having both internationally and domestically.  Although the film may look like a negative for Bali tourism, Rich discusses how it’s actually a positive.  He explains how several government ministries have reached out to him after the video went viral.  This 50 minute podcast touches on a variety of topics and is well worth a listen.

Rich Horner Podcast

We are now hosting a video format of the podcast on Youtube and an Audio version on SoundCloud.  We ask that if you watch or listen to it on either platform to please subscribe, like, and/or leave a comment.  The links to our channels are below.

Underwater Tribe Podcast #002 Rich Horner on Youtube

Underwater Tribe Audio Podcast #002 Rich Horner on SoundCloud

We have a lot more podcasts coming your way in the coming weeks featuring freedivers, conservation figures, and underwater photographers.

If you missed our first podcast with Serge Abourjeily, you can also find that over on Youtube at the following link:  UWT Podcast #001 with Serge Abourjeily

Here is the SoundCloud Audio Feed if you prefer to listen to it here