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June 13th, 2019 • uwt

UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #013 – Aaron Gekoski

Aaron Gekoski Podcast

We are happy to announce UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #013 with Aaron Gekoski.  Aaron is an environmental photojournalist who travels around the world documenting wildlife tourism.  The wildlife tourism trade is a booming business around the world and often involves cruel treatment of animals.

“Bertie” joins us in the studio to discuss his history and journey into photo journalism.  With a varied background Aaron has worked as a photographer in Africa before relocating to SE Asia. He worked with Scubazoo for several years as their in house presenter. Aaron has worked on their shows Borneo From Below, Indonesia From Below, and Timor Leste From Below.  He has also worked on productions for the Smithsonian and Sharkweek.

As a photographer, Aaron won the environmental category of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

He is now working on a campaign called “Raise the Red Flag” in conjunction with Born Free.  This campaign highlights the cruel world of Wildlife Tourism.  The key to this effort is the ability for everyone to report suspicious wildlife exploitation to a central source.

To found out more about Aaron and his current activities please visit his website: aarongekoski.com

Or visit his dedicated Facebook page: Aaron Gekoski, Environmental Photojournalist

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