UWT Podcast #006 Garry Bevan

May 12th, 2018 • uwt

 Garry Bevan on the UWT Podcast!

Podcast Garry Bevan

The UWT Podcast #006 with Garry Bevan is now available on YouTube, Soundcloud, and iTunes. Our ongoing Podcast series welcomes diving legend Garry Bevan, a long time cruise director in Komodo National Park.  Garry has been diving in Indonesia since 1995 and he spent many years running Mimpi Tulamben and the Komodo Dancer/Ombak Biru vessel in Komodo.  An avid bass player, Garry was a member of the band Alkatrazz in the early 1980s before switching careers.  Known for his long locks and booming voice, Garry is well known in the Indonesian diving community.

In this 1 hour podcast, Garry discusses his history while relating tales of times gone by in Bali and Komodo.  Topics include the prevalence of sharks and rays in Indonesia as well as a brief foray to Palau.  Highlights include his narration of a boat full of people flipping in Komodo and a harrowing helicopter ride in Papua!

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