Nesha Ichida – UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #016

February 29th, 2020 • uwt

Nesha Ichida – UWT Diving and Adventure Podcast #016

Nesha Ichida Podcast

We are happy to present our latest Podcast, this weeks special guest is Nesha Ichida.  Nesha is a young marine conservationist who is involved in many projects throughout Indonesia. She is currently based in Rote, working as the field supervisor for the Indonesian Manta Project.  Her projects include a variety of marine life such as sharks, whale sharks, and manta rays.

In this podcast, we discuss a variety of topics such as manta and shark tagging, living in remote places, her range of projects around Indonesia, and how a new generation of young conservationists are creating positive waves.

You can watch the podcast on YouTube by clicking on the photo or this link: Nesha Ichida Podcast

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Have a look at a few of the different organizations that Nesha works with.

Indonesian Manta Project:

Divers Clean Action:

Tasik Oki Wildlife Rehab Centre:

If you are new to our Podcast then please have a look at our Podcast Page to see all of our guests. All of our podcasts are based around a marine theme. These include underwater photographers, marine biologists, film makers, freedivers, and conservationists.  We hope you enjoy watching and listening to each episode as much as we enjoy producing them.