Underwater Photographer of the Year Results

February 14th, 2017 • uwt

Underwater Photographer of the Year

Although a fairly new entry in the arena of photo competitions, the UPY competition is already known for a great set of winning images.  The competition is a British based competition with well known judges Alex Mustard, Peter Rowlands, and Martin Edge the main organizing force behind the contest.  There are some great prizes involved with this competition and the quality of images is already superb.  With many categories open for everyone, as well as a special British set of categories, the winning images are unique as well as diverse. The following photo is the grand prize winner ‘Dancing Octopus’ by Gabriel Barathieu (France).  This is a stunning capture of a very active octopus in the shallows.  One of the cool things about this contest is that many of the images on the results page of the competition are accompanied with thoughts from the judges.  To see the entire list of winners and other great photos please visit the results page of the Underwater Photographer of the Year.

Winner Underwater Photographer of the Year 2017