Lembeh Strait 10th Anniversary Workshop

August 28th, 2023

We have recently wrapped up the 10th annual Underwater Tribe/Studio Sloss Underwater Photography Workshop at NAD Lembeh Resort. We would like to say that is year was an outstanding event with 18 wonderful people from all around the world. This year we had participants from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Austria, and the UK. We had a great mix of returning guests as well as new folks who joined for the first time.

Lembeh Strait 10th Anniversary

Lembeh Strait 10th Anniversary Workshop

Our Lembeh experience began with the Photo Fun Week, five days of diving with a mix of friendly photo advice thrown in. The vast majority of guests arrived early this year to enjoy more of what Lembeh has to offer. It also gave the photo gurus a chance to get a few photo dives in before the workshop began and scout what sites had the best critters.

Once everyone was on site we started the official workshop with a meet and greet at the spacious NAD bar. Everyone introduced themselves and got to know each other while the hosts explained a little about what to expect throughout the week. Sam Robertshaw, the manager of NAD and a wonderful photographer, then showed a wonderful slideshow of images of what critters they commonly find in Lembeh.

What is the Lembeh Strait 10th Anniversary All About?

The structure of the workshop is straightforward and maximizes time spent with the instructors as well as getting rest. Each day the diving starts at 730 as the boats go out for two dives. We split the groups onto three boats for the week with one photo instructor per boat as well as one dive guide for each buddy team. The dive groups stayed the same for the week with instructors changing boats in order to dive with all participants. After a great lunch each day the instructors would give a short presentation in the camera room about different shooting techniques. This was followed by the third dive of the day and then Post Processing and Office Hours.

Lembeh Workshop

At 5pm the Studio Sloss team presented Lightroom tutorials aimed at improving everyones shots. Office hours would run from 5 – 7pm and was a great time for everyone to ask individual questions about camera techniques or ask for critique about their photos. Dinner was served buffet style each night at 7 and most people would head to bed soon after as they were tired after a long day of diving!

Daily Schedule

The daily schedule remained the same for Sunday through through Thursday with a change on Friday of only 2 dives to allow everyone time to submit photos for the end of week slideshow. Friday night we enjoyed a wonderful BBQ prepared by the NAD restaurant team before settling in to watch the slideshow of the week. Needless to say, the quality and variety of photos submitted by this years attendees was truly world class. Everyone was able to utilize some of the techniques that the team presented during the week for a great set of images from everyone. Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful job of taking photographs this week.


The guests for the 2023 workshop were a wonderful mix of both beginner photographers as well as more advanced shooters. Everyone was able to work with the instructors underwater, who dive without cameras and dedicate their dive time to improving everyone’s techniques. Of course, the incredible guides from NAD Lembeh Resort are a big plus as they also understand photography and help everyone to get the best shots possible. The success of these workshops would not be possible without the support we get from the wonderful NAD team.


Topics discussed during the week included both camera techniques as well as Lightroom work. Techniques included basic macro settings, super macro, snooting, strobe positioning for different effects, as well as video settings for those interested in shooting video. For post processing the discussions included how to set up the Lightroom catalogue for success as well as utilizing all of the new AI tools for masking and backscatter removal. Our evening “office hours” from 5-7pm are one of the highlights of the workshop for most participants. Everyone gets the chance to work one to one with one of the instructors to help with any technical questions they may have about technique or post processing. Its also a great time to discuss individual photos and photo critiquing.

Rockles Briefing

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2023 Lembeh Strait 10th Anniversary Photo Workshop. We had a wonderful time with a great group of people who made for a fun and exciting week. The diving was once again off the charts with so many great critter encounters. The entire NAD team was a great key to the success of the week. The keen eyed guides, boat crew, incredible team in the kitchen and restaurant as well as all of the other people behind the scenes made for a memorable trip. Please check out this gallery for a sample of some of the photos taken by all of the guests.

If you are interested in joining us in 2024 please check out Lembeh Strait Photo Week 2024