Ambon Photo Fun Week – Maluku Divers

November 14th, 2016

Ambon Photo Fun Week 2016

luca and group
Following our successful uw photography workshop in 2015. We were happy to come back to Ambon for our photo fun week with people eager to learn and discuss about underwater photography.

For this event we ended up having just a small group of very fine people nevertheless the fun was not missing and we were very happy to turn Ben into uw photography.

The critter life was not lacking at all. Even though we did not see the psychedelic frogfish. We could see lots of beautiful critters, including some beautiful hairy frogfish.

This year we also went mad for flasher wrasses. Ambon is very good ground for them and can see several different species of them flashing their beautiful colours between 4 and 5pm.

Base leader Nus Lobbu, (a true flasher addict and and stunning uw photographer) did not hesitate to accommodate our daily request to visit the flasher wrasses sites.

Once again, if you love bumble bee shrimps, you should definitely visit Ambon as there is a site where you can see more than 20 in one spot and they are relatively easy to take photo of.

We also visited the shipyard and dive the wrecks with great visibility. As a matter of fact there are 3 huge wrecks that can be dive in just a single dive. They are ferry boats and a super trollers. The are still completely intact and the fish life was abundant during the time of our visit. Great wide angle photo opportunity by the bow of 2 of those wrecks and something that we will re-do in 2017.

The dive resort, once again, did not fail to meet our expectation. The very friendly resort staff and dive crew made our stay very pleasant.

As usual there were 2 photo “lessons” a day, one after lunch and one after dinner, combined with uw photography tuition provided by the uw Tribe instructors

It is always nice to run these trip with minded people, we had fun and a good time.

Group and Maluku Divers Staff

Ambon UW Photo Workshop 2017

We will be running a short trip to Ambon in March 2017 ahead of our Raja Ampat trip. For more info check this link or send us an email at