Ten Foot Reef – Komodo Dive Sites

March 30th, 2020 • uwt

Ten Foot Reef

Ten Foot Reef Komodo

The name is all you need to know about this dive site.  Why is it called such a strange name?  Because the shallow corals are so beautiful there is no need to go deeper than 10 feet! This truly is one of the most incredible sites in the Komodo National Park. Healthy coral, minimal current, and plenty of fish make this site a must do when in Komodo.

Where is Ten Foot Reef?

Ten Foot Reef is located at the far northern end of Komodo Island in Batu Monco Bay.  This site is a common stop for liveaboards but is a little far from Labuan Bajo for day trips. This means it doesn’t come under the pressure of too many divers that other sites do.  Often there is only one boat in the anchorage here and they have the sites to themselves. This is one of the most relaxing dives in the Komodo National Park and is perfect for snorkelers.

Ten Foot Reef Corals

What To See at Ten Foot Reef?

This isn’t just a coral reef dive. Although the coral is incredible in the shallows, this site has attractions throughout. A typical dive starts on a gentle white sandy slope that leads to a series of deep bommies.  Many bommies are covered in glass fish and golden sweepers. These tiny fish live a harried life as there are many lionfish making easy meals of them.  Other encounters include leaf fish, pygmy seahorses, and cuttlefish. The beautiful white sand is a breathtaking and provides a perfect backdrop for underwater photography.

Split Shot At Ten Foot Reef

However, the best part of this dive is the shallows. There is no boring safety stop on this dive site.  Large bommies with brightly coloured seafans dot the landscape between acres of healthy hard coral.  It seems every mound of coral is home to a resident school of damselfish and chromis. With a slight current, these beautiful fish dart into the water column on mass to create a sea of life.  Underwater photographers are in for a real treat with a wide angle lens. Early morning or late afternoon dives bring beautiful sun rays to the shallows, the perfect negative space. When surface conditions are flat, this is the perfect spot for split photos.

Dive With Us

Would you like to dive at Ten Foot Reef?  We regularly offer trips to the Komodo region aboard some of the best boats in Indonesia. We have a trip to the area planned for June 2020, hopefully that will still happen!  If not, please sign up for our Newsletter and you will be the first to be informed of all our upcoming trips.