Spinner Dolphins Riding Bow Wave

January 11th, 2018 • uwt

Spinners Dolphins Photo of the Day


Dolphins are always a wonderful encounter on a boat.  Spinners are found in the waters of the Indo Pacific region and are possibly the most commonly encountered by divers.  Although they are often seen while heading out to a dive site, they are quite shy and rarely seen while underwater.  However, interacting with these playful dolphins from a boat is just as fun!  Spinners love playing with the bow wave of a boat and they will often appear out of nowhere to swim in front of a boat.  The key to keep these encounters going is to maintain a good rate of speed, don’t slow the boat down!

These marine mammals are great vocalizers as well.  It’s an amazing experience to hear the clicks and whistles they produce while swimming in front of the boat.

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