Sony RX100 Mark V Compact Camera

November 30th, 2016 • uwt

The Sony RX100 Mark V Has Arrived!Sony RX 100 Mark V

We are very excited to have received the brand new Sony RX100 Mark V from Sony South East Asia.  This is one very powerful camera that comes in a great little package, a whole lot of bang for the buck!  There are plenty of great sites on the net which talk about the abilities of the camera, here is one from Ken Rockwell in which he really praises it.  If you would like to take a look at the specs of this camera then have a look at the official page on the Sony Singapore website to see all of the great features that are built into this camera.  Of course, what we are interested in are the advantages that this camera will have for underwater shooting.  One of the first things that stands out is that it produces 4K video in a tiny little package, 4K is very important these days as most buyers are looking at watching everything at the highest resolution possible.

Yet, taking a closer look at some of the video specifications for the camera leads to this discovery:

Recording NTSC/PAL Selector: [PAL] mode XAVC S HD:50p 50 M (1,920×1,080/250fps), 50p 50 M (1,920×1,080/500fps), 50p 50 M (1,920×1,080/1000fps) / 25p 50 M (1,920×1,080/250fps), 25p 50 M (1,920×1,080/500fps), 25p 50 M (1,920×1,080/1000fps)

To translate what that says, the camera can record ultra slow motion video of up to 1000 frames per second at full 2K resolution!  What does that mean to the underwater enthusiast?  How about capturing a frog fish eating or a mantis shrimp striking?!  This could lead to some incredible video sequences, we can’t wait to try that out.

Another great feature of the Sony RX100 Mark V is the 315 AF point focus capability.  For macro underwater photography, being able to focus on the exact middle of a creatures eye or a focusing on a tiny amphipod is very important.  Being able to choose from such a huge number of AF points will make locking focus on small creatures that much easier.

The Companion Underwater Housing

Sony RX100 Mark V Housing

We have also received the brand new Sony Housing that is specifically made for the RX100 Mark V, this compact housing is rated to 40m and comes with a lot of key features.  A 67mm screw mount is standard for attaching diopters or WA optional lenses.  There is also a kit that can be attached to the front to allow for fibre optic strobe cables and of course screw ports on the bottom for attaching a tray or tripod.

We will be doing a lot of shooting with this camera in the near future and will be posting plenty of photos and videos of our results.  Stay tuned for our thoughts and results as we put this camera through its paces and report on it’s suitability for underwater image makers.