Sidem – Bali Dive Sites

March 15th, 2023 • uwt

Sidem – A Bali Dive Site in the Tulamben Area

Tulamben is one of the more popular diving areas in Bali. When we use the term Tulamben, we refer to the greater area encompassing areas outside of the main bay. Basically, any of the sites within a 15 minute drive of the Liberty Wreck are considered “Tulamben” diving. One of the sites further to the south east is a popular site named Sidem.

Bali Dive Site - Sidem

Nestled in a quiet bay, Sidem consists of a rocky beach littered with local boats and shaded with large trees. A traditional Balinese Hindu temple sits among the tall trees adding a sense of peace to the area. Divers gear up in a covered area set up with rinse tanks and a toilet. Porters are on site to carry dive gear to the waters edge. Divers can enter the water from anywhere along the beach on this large dive site.

Sidem – The Dive Site

The shallow waters of Sidem consist of a sandy plateau that slopes down to a few metres before dropping further into the depths. The shallows are a great place to spend time at the end of a dive due to the abundance of critters. Large rocks, concrete moorings, and rubble all offer shelter for interesting creatures such as bumblebee shrimp, tiger shrimp, mantis shrimp, lion fish and more.

Tiger Shrimp Bali Critter

Further down the slope the bottom consists of larger rocks, sea grass beds, and invertebrate life such as coral and crinoids. Another feature of the slope is large areas of encrusting sponge as well as a variety of other sponge life. All of these areas offer protection for marine life such as harlequin shrimp, moray eels, leaf fish, and frog fish. In the areas between these oases, other marine life thrives such as rare nudibranchs, blue spot stingrays, cuttlefish, scorpionfish and flying gurnards. One of the most sought after creatures for divers are also found at Sidem: the rhinopias.

A Macro Site for Everyone

Sidem dive site is an interesting site for photographers and non-photographers alike. Critter lovers thrive during the hunt for exotic marine life. Nudibranch enthusiasts love this site due to the number of bizarre and rare slugs found here. Photographers love this site both day and night as there is always something interesting to shoot. A night dive is always a great idea here due to the difference in day time to night time inhabitants. Some of the highlight night inhabitants at Sidem include boxer crabs, coconut octopus, spearing mantis shrimp and more.

Exotic Nudibranchs

Sidem truly is one of the highlight dives in the Tulamben area. All macro enthusiasts should put this high on their list of sites to visit. Typically we dive this site for two dives in the morning, entering at a different location for each dive. With camera rinse tanks, a shower, and a toilet there is ample chance for relaxation between dives. Whether you stay in Amed or Tulamben, diving here is only a short drive away. We offer a variety of diving packages in Bali which include diving in the Tulamben area. Feel free to contact us today to book your next Bali diving holiday.