Bali Diving Special Offers


Bali Diving Special Offers are open each year for a limited time. Our team of professional dive guides are incredible critter spotters and really know the waters of Bali. Our team work as private guides who are perfect for photographers and critter lovers by setting an easy pace underwater. We are happy to create a custom package to suit your needs and enjoy diving in any of Bali’s popular diving locations.

Our Bali Diving Special offers are limited to the October to mid December time frame. These offers are available for a group of 4 or more divers.  You will enjoy a private trip with your own guides and transportation.  The itinerary is not set, this means we can create an adventure to include all of your favourite sites. Not sure where you would like to go? Don’t worry, our team can help you create the perfect schedule.

We run a maximum of 4 guests to a dive guide, we don’t amalgamate different groups.  This is important for safety reasons as well as enjoying a non rushed atmosphere underwater.

What Bali Has to Offer

Underwater photographers love our guides who are incredible critter spotters.  With years in the field, our team have well trained eyes and can spot even the most camoflauged animals. We offer trips to all of the hot spots in Bali: Menjangan, Tulamben, Amed, Padang Bai, and Nusa Penida.  Peruse our pre designed Bali Safari trips to see what our itineraries have to offer. Our most popular request is to dive the USAT Liberty ship wreck in Tulamben. However, Tulamben also offers world class critter diving as well.  Clear water with a black sandy bottom is the perfect habitat for bizarre looking nudibranchs.  More of a pelagic lover?  Be sure to ask us to include a day or two of diving in Nusa Penida to encounter manta rays!

For more details and a personalized quote please Contact Us directly via email.

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Bali Diving Special Offers


Whats available ?

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Underwater Tribe group trips are always led by either Mike Veitch or Luca Vaime and sometimes both of us!