Sarah Lewis Underwater Tribe Podcast #014

September 25th, 2019 • uwt

Sarah Lewis Special Guest on the Underwater Tribe Podcast #014

Sarah Lewis Podcast

After a short delay due to a very busy season, we are happy to announce our latest Underwater Tribe Podcast.  We are very excited to introduce the multi talented Sarah Lewis of the Indonesian Manta Project as our featured guest.  Sarah works as a marine science researcher focusing on manta rays and other elasmobranchs in Indonesia.  She works closely with conservation groups such as Conservation International and The Manta Trust in order to further the protection of rays throughout the world. The Indonesian Manta Project offers a multitude of mentoring opportunities for young Indonesian scientists and conservationists looking to make a difference in their community.

With an eye on community outreach and the power of social media, she has spearheaded the Indonesian Ocean Pride initiative. This multi media platform aims to raise awareness of the marine environment with Indonesians.  With platforms on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, this initiative is reaching millions of Indonesian youth with a powerful message.

Sarah joins us for an exciting 50 minute conversation covering a large number of topics.  She discusses how her research into Manta Rays began and the challenges involved. We also discuss a variety of her projects in Indonesia and around the world and what she is working on next.

Keeping up with Sarah Lewis

If you would like more information about all of Sarah’s different projects have a look at her different social media accounts

Indonesian Manta Project




Indonesian Ocean Pride





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