Sammy Sloss Next Generation Underwater Photographer

August 31st, 2017 • uwt

Sammy Sloss is an 11 Year Old Underwater Photographer

Sammy Sloss has nearly 100 dives under his belt…

Sammy is an experienced underwater photographer…

Sammy’s camera is bigger than he is…

Sammy is 11!

Sammy Sloss

Yes, that’s correct, Sammy Sloss takes pictures underwater with an SLR in locations all over the world.  Being the son of professional divers Doug and Lorenza Sloss, Sammy was eager to get in the water as soon as he was old enough.  Not long after his 10th birthday, Sammy took a trip to Bali with his parents where he completed his PADI Junior Open Water course and was immediately hooked.  Of course with two parents who are photographers, it didn’t take long before Sammy was swimming along with a camera in hand.  Now you might be thinking “the camera is bigger than he is!” and you would be right!  However, that has not stopped him from taking the camera along on almost half of his logged dives as he has excellent buoyancy skills already.

Sammy Sloss Moray

“The things I like most about diving are the adventures that comes with it.  The feeling of being suspended in weightless space and the excitement of not knowing what your’re going to see next!  Since I’ve been taking the camera down, I’ve been enjoying diving even more.”

Traveling the World to Dive

Although he is busy during the school year in Colorado, he gets the chance to accompany his parents on assignments throughout the summer.  So far he has been diving in Bali and Lembeh in Indonesia but he hopes to add more locations soon. Of course like any diver does, Sammy has a couple of marine inhabitants that he loves to encounter more than any other.

“My favourite underwater creature changes all the time, but at the moment I love any kind of octopus, especially the wonderpus, and “Shaun the Sheep” nudibranchs.  I like octopi because they are intelligent creatures and I love watching their behaviour.  Shaun, on the other hand, is the cutest thing on this planet and the hardest thing to photograph.  For the bigger stuff, I love turtles!  I got to see turtles on my last trip to Bali with the Tribe!”

Have a look at a small portfolio of images that Sammy put together in July and August while diving in Indonesia.  Well done Sammy, keep up the good work!