Pink Hairy Squat Lobster – Photo of the Day

October 6th, 2017 • uwt

Hair Pink Squat Lobster

The pink hairy squat lobster, Lauriea siagiani, named after an Indonesian dive guide, Wally Siagian, is a small and beautiful crustacean that lives in barrel sponges.  These guys are commonly found in the Indo Pacific region and a sharp eyed dive guide will be able to find them in the outer ridges of the many giant sponges.  If you don’t have a sharp eyed guide around, it’s quite easy to find these little wonders by slowly peering around a giant red barrel sponge.  This shot was taken in the Tulamben area of Bali, Indonesia

Pink Squat Lobster Tulamben

Nikon D70, 105mm lens, f25, 1/250   Sea and Sea Strobes