Alor is a small island located in eastern Indonesia. The area is called Alor but for diving, it commonly refers to the islands of Alor, Pura, Pantar, and Solor. The area is off the eastern end of the large island of Flores. Like the Komodo region, this area is a tale of two currents. Along the northern Pacific Ocean edge of this archipelago the waters are typically warm and blue. Along the southern end the Indian Ocean brings in colder water. Both coasts boast a rich and varied amount of marine life.

The Alor region is known as a hotbed of both high voltage diving and world class critters. The dive sites in the region are a mix between vertical walls, coral covered slopes, and rocky bottoms. Encounters are varied and exciting! Clownfish Valley is one of the more famous sites in the area boasting thousands of anemones and their entourage of clownfish. Sites such as Babylon, Schools Out, and Crucifixion Point offer exciting current filled drift dives. Muck diving sites such as Mucky Mosque and others inside Kalabahi Bay are home to bizarre marine life.

Encounters with sharks, sunfish, schools of fish, and eagle rays are common. For macro enthusiasts highlights include rhinopias, ghost pipefish, and seahorses of all varieties.

A visit to Alor should be on the the list of everyone who dreams of diving in Indonesia. Check out our Upcoming Trips page for information on our future Alor trips.

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