Noodilab Optical Light Condenser

January 30th, 2017 • uwt

Noodilab Light Condenser Front

Optical Light Condenser

Noodilab Light Condenser Front

Big news for macro video enthusiasts and photographers who love to use snoots.  Noodilab, a company making some interesting products for UW photography, are introducing an Optical Light Condenser to be used with the FIX Neo line of lights.  What is an Optical Light Condenser?  That is a good question!  Basically, it’s an add on accessory for a video light which condenses the light into a very narrow and powerful beam.  Most video lights are wide, which is great for lighting up scenes in video, but to get creative lighting to separate the subject from the background a narrower beam is often desired.  Instead of simply creating a funnel shaped snoot for the lights, the Noodilab offering features a lens inside, which concentrates the light into a very powerful beam.  What is interesting about this is that the lights can then be used at just 10% power and still supply a very visible and handy amount of light.

Sample Noodilab Light Condenser

Sample Photograph of Condensed Light

Why Do You Need This?

For photographers, this is a great option to snoot with success.  One of the drawbacks of a traditional snoot is that it’s hard to aim the snoot correctly each and every time.  The light condenser, while using constant light, allows the user to see exactly where the light is aimed before the trigger is pulled.  By making the beam more powerful, the amount of light coming from a video light should be strong enough to illuminate still photos while still using a lower ISO which helps improve colour saturation. (We have not tested this as of yet so we are only guessing here) For videographers, the narrow beam of light is a great boon for shooting macro scenes where “moody” light is desired instead of lighting up the entire scene.

These innovative new products are available from our friends at FIX Neo, only a small batch are available at the moment so best to act fast if you would like one.  We don’t have pricing information at this time so please contact FIX directly for more information.  We hope to show underwater samples of this product soon, stay tuned!

Fix Light Condenser