FIX Neo 3000 Video Lights Short Review

September 5th, 2016 • uwt

FIx Neo light


We have recently received a pair of FIX Neo 3000 lights from our friends at Fisheye Japan, designers of quality spotlight and video lights for underwater.  Although we have many different varieties of FIX lights in our arsenal already we were in need of another pair of smaller lights for macro video work here in Bali as our FIX 7000 lights were just a little too big for delicate work in the sand.  As with any of the FIX Neo lights, the 3000s are proving to be very versatile and easy to handle while providing a beautiful output for both photo and video use.  The big buttons on the side and the easy to see illuminating readout mean that the controls are easy to use both during the day as well as during night dives.  Another great feature of these lights is the fact that they come with a lock/unlock knob which comes in handy when in transit and storage so the lights don’t accidently get turned on risking damage to the lights themselves.   One key feature of the Neo Lights are that there are two ways of charging the battery, either externally via or by opening the light itself and plugging the battery directly into a charger.  I most certainly prefer to charge them by opening the light and charging the battery directly as charging it via the external output risks mixing electricity and salt water (never a good thing!) However, with proper cleaning and drying, the external charging option also works fine when not in the position to open the light.  We are very impressed by these lights which have allowed us to take some great photos and videos over the past few weeks but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words so please have a look at a few photos and videos to see for yourself.