DEMA Show Las Vegas Wetpixel Review

November 21st, 2016 • uwt

Wetpixel DEMA Report

The annual DEMA Show, a US based diving industry trade show, ran this past week in Las Vegas and by all accounts it was a big success.  Why are we including this in the Photo News category?  The reason is that many underwater photography related manufacturers showcase their latest and greatest products at the show.  Although we did not get the chance to visit the show, our friends from Wetpixel did and they have put together a fantastic summary of all of the products that they were able to handle.  They were able to visit the booths from all of the major underwater photography related manufacturers such as Nauticam, Aquatica, Subal, and Fisheye along with many others.  The DEMA show is always an exciting one and is also a great social occasion for many in the diving industry.

If you are interested in reading all of the thoughts from the Wetpixel crew then head on over to their full DEMA Show Coverage Report for lots of photos and thoughts on products.  Truly a great job of covering a huge amount of new products, well done Wetpixel Team!

(Image at the top from Wetpixel)