Photo of the Day – Tatawa Kecil Coral Reef Komodo

July 20th, 2017 • uwt

Tatawa Kecil Shallow Reef

We have recently returned from a trip to the Komodo National Park aboard the Dive Gaia liveaboard, Gaia Love.  This wonderful and spacious boat is a new player in the Indonesian liveaboard ranks and is a very beautiful boat!  On our trip to Komodo we visited many of the top sites in and around the park including the site Tatawa Kecil.  This site is home to some of the best shallow corals to be found anywhere, especially when the sun is out.  This shot was taken in just a few metres of water with the Sony A7SII in a Nauticam housing with a WWL adapter port.

Shallow Tatawa Kecil