Photo of the Day – Snake Eel Portrait

June 1st, 2017 • uwt

Photo of the Day – Snake Eel Portrait

Snake Eel

The snake eel is commonly found in sandy environments in the Indo Pacific region.  In Indonesia they are often found in some of the top muck diving areas such as Lembeh Strait, Bali, and Ambon.  This particular specimen was found at the incredible Sangeang Volcano, one of the top macro dive sites in the Komodo region.  These snake eels are often found with tiny cleaner shrimp resting on their noses which clean them of parasites.  To get the black background for this photo a fast shutter speed was used in conjunction with careful strobe placement with the strobes turned back toward the camera.

Sangeang Volcano, Nikon D7000, 60mm lens, f22, 1/250 ISO 200