Photo of the Day – A Pokemon Nudibranch

December 1st, 2016 • uwt

Pokemon Nudibranch

Pikachu or Pokemon Nudibranch Bali


Another shot from the fantastic diving destination of Bali.  Bali is known as a great combination trip for Mantas and Molas, but it’s also an impressive location for critters.  Underwater photographers from around the world visit the Tulamben/Seraya region in order to photograph all of the great creatures that live there.   Although not the most exotic of nudibranchs, the Pikachu or Pokemon Nudibranch is certainly one of the most popular with photographers.  There are several of these Thecacera nudibranchs found in the Indo Pacific area and they all have a distinct look with large “ears”.  This particular specimen was found at the dive site “Melasti” in the Seraya area.  The settings were ISO 100, f/20, 1/250 with a Nikon D7200 in a Nauticam Housing with a 105mm lens.

The lighting on this photo was created by using a Snoot over the Sea and Sea YS D2 strobe in order to minimize the amount of light illuminating the scene.  The snoot was hand held by our fantastic dive guide, Parman.

If you look closely, it’s possible that the nudibranch is eating some sort of eggs that have been laid on the hydroid that it’s sitting on.