Diving Komodo National Park

komodo dragonThe Komodo National Park, situated between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores and approximately 300 miles from Bali is one of the top destinations in the world for scuba diving.  Located at the meeting point of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the special mix of water from these two oceans has created a wonderland of marine life that is hard to match. One of the key attractions is the sheer variety of marine life and different eco-systems that can be found in the area, from healthy hard coral gardens to black sand critter sites and fast action pinnacle dives, Komodo National Park has it all.  Of course, a description of the area would not be complete without mentioning the incredible manta ray encounters that can be found within the Park; mainly found on a few dive sites in both the northern and southern end of the marine protected area, mantas can show up at any time on pretty much every dive site in Komodo.  For underwater photographers, the National Park offers unparalleled opportunities to shoot both macro and wide angle underwater photographs of subjects as diverse as nudibranchs, coral gardens, frogfish, soft corals, ornate ghost pipefish, sharks, schooling fish, and a whole lot more!  Of course a trip to Komodo would not be complete without the opportunity to see the world famous dragons; there are several ranger stations located within the park which offer the opportunity to walk in to the forest to observe these jurassic style predators in their native environment.

We regularly run escorted liveaboard trips to the Komodo National Park each year, however, for those who are looking to visit the Komodo National Park during a time when we do not have a trip planned please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We have a network of trusted liveaboards and resorts in the Komodo area who we regularly work with to book our guests the trip of their dreams in the land of the Komodo Dragon.  If you are interested in heading to Komodo, please drop us a line and we can offer you advice on the best time to visit, help with domestic airline tickets, as well as book you with the best operators servicing the Komodo region.


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