The Underwater Tribe Online Store

We are happy to announce the opening of our Underwater Tribe Online Store. Simply click on the link or on the photograph below to visit the store. Powered by Shopify, our store offers an ever growing range of products available anywhere in the world. With manufacturing available in North America and Europe, our store ships our products at a better rate than we can do from Indonesia.

Online Store

What Do We Offer in the Online Store?

T-Shirt StoreWe offer a range of canvas prints, clothing, and tasteful products for the home. The clothing comes in a large variety of sizes and colours. Our ever growing range of Canvases are available in different sized and come ready to hang. We also offer a cool range of branded products such as coffee mugs, laptop cases, and bags. As the world continues to get back to normal we will offer a growing line of products in our Online Store. We offer the range of products in “Collections” to make it easier to browse while shopping.

How Do I Purchase?

Rash Guard StoreIt’s simple, just head on over to our store and peruse our products. Once you choose a beautiful print or comfortable t-shirt, just “check out” as per normal for any online shop. Depending on your order and location, there may be a short delay in receiving your product due to the Covid 19 slowdown. Once the world gets back to normal then everything will run smoothly once again.

Canvas Prints in Store

Coral Canvas ShopOne of our most exciting products are the stretched canvas prints. These are professional grade, pre-stretched, and framed canvas that you will receive ready to hang. We are slowly adding more of our favourite photos to the site available for purchase. The vast majority of our work is ocean themed but we also offer a range of other wildlife related subjects. Everything is framed and then packaged securely before shipping to avoid damage in transit.

We can also custom print a canvas for you. Please Contact Us with the description of our photo from our Instagram, Facebook, or Website and we will be happy to print it for you.