Mt. Agung Volcano warning dropped to Level 3

November 2nd, 2017 • uwt

agung volcano from Tulamben

Mt. Agung Volcano warning dropped to Level 3

The danger level of the volcano, Mt Agung, has now dropped from the maximum Warning Level of 4 to a lower Level of 3.

What does this mean? 

This is great news for thousands of evacuees who have had to stay away from their homes for more than a month.  These people have had their lives disrupted in a major way and can now head home to continue their lives in a somewhat normal way.  However, it’s not great news for thousands of others who live very close to the volcano.

The Level 3 warning means that people who live within 6 kilometres of the volcano are still under evacuation orders.  These people lives are still being disrupted by the volcano and they will still depend upon the government, generous neighbours, and donors who continue to send food and aid to the numerous evacuation camps.

What Does this Mean for Divers?

For divers this is good news, the very popular Tulamben location is now open for business as of the 30th of October 2017.  The authorities have lifted the travel ban and diving is now available between the hours of 8am and 3pm daily.  Hotels in the Tulamben area will now begin opening once their staff have returned to the location and they are able to clean up some of the volcano protection measures that were taken to help keep the resorts safe while closed.

Does this Mean the Volcano is Now Dormant?

No, unfortunately, the warning level has been lowered to 3, not to 1, there is still some active movement going on below the surface but there is no imminent risk of an eruption at this time.  We are taking every measure to monitor all information from the relative authorities about the volcano and we will keep all of our guests informed.

As of this point in time, we are still not taking bookings for staying in Tulamben but we go and dive during the day. We are booking our guests to stay for the night in Amed which is at only 20 min. drive from Tulamben.   Please don’t hesitate to book a dive trip to Bali, there are plenty of areas to dive around the island, and we have had a few great trips over the last month in areas such as Menjangan, Padang Bai, and Nusa Penida.

We look forward to hear from everyone and we wish great success to all of the local residents who can now return home after a long absence.  We are also still working with the evacuees and will continue to help them with donations of money, food, or other needed items.